Monday, April 2, 2012

Giant Fly & Giant Maggot

At first glance, giant flies don’t seem like the most exciting bugs to throw at a party—wasps, mantises, and spiders all pack more obvious menace.  But where giant flies and giant maggots win out is the yuck factor.  Go watch Beetlejuice—giant flies are gross.  And their habit of taking PCs by surprise or hitting them while they’re down qualifies them as true monsters.

A cleric barely out of her acolyte robes is the only one left standing after an orc attack.  Now she must stabilize and heal her unconscious companions while fending off the giant fly that arrives to feast on their prone bodies.

After slaying an ogrekin, a party of young adventurers finds themselves labeled giant-killers.  They get lucky on their next assignment as well: the hill giant that would have hopelessly outclassed them lies already dead in its lair.  But if they get too close, a swarm of giant maggots erupts from the corpse.

Trapped in a burning building, with the City Watch covering all the exits, a party’s best hope for escape is the gushing sewers below.  The ride ends with a drop into the city cesspool, where the party’s ungentle arrival stirs up a cloud of giant flies.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 124

Thanks for sticking with me as we ford through the “Giant” section of the alphabet.  If you need more variety, try starting with A, B, or C.

And check out this weekend’s special edition of The New Indie Canon, as Her Fantastic Cats drops by for an interview and a guest DJ slot.

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