Friday, April 13, 2012

Giant & Great Horned Owls

Like wolves, great horned owls walk the line between good and evil—noble and wise in legend, but also creatures of the night and the powers that walk in darkness.  Pathfinder’s giant owls up the mystical ante, with supernatural abilities (animal telepathy, insightful senses, and even limited true seeing) that make them undisputed rulers of the animal world.

Elves may haunt Grimwing Forest, but the wood’s ruler is the giant owl for which it is named, who sits in judgment over all things under the forest canopy.  “Grimwing” is actually as much a title as a name, since it is passed down from each giant owl monarch to his son.

The woods surrounding the alpine city of Wilhelm are home to many great horned owls, and more than a few residents keep them as pets.  Of note are the priestess Alora at the Temple of Wisdom, whose owl is a symbol of her god; the footpad Quentin, who raised his bird from a chick (and who now can’t keep her from following him during his evening excursions); and Xaman, the infernal-blooded sorcerer/ranger who glorifies the thrill of the hunt above all else.

A giant owl and a kolyarut make an unlikely team of enforcers.  If anything, the giant owl Aspen is even more effective to the cause of Law than his inevitable partner Fist Seven.  Aspen’s keen but mortal mind allows him to cut through Gordian knots of conflicting statutes and precedents that might tie up the kolyarut’s processors, and his animal telepathy and inquisitor class levels allow him to solicit some surprisingly accurate testimony.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 213

Regarding yesterday’s events: six Gold ADDY®s—two of them I had a major hand in.  Of course, all I can think about is the Silver we got that should have been Gold, as well as other disappointments.  (Apparently I’m a bit of a perfectionist.) 

I should shut up about myself now.  Back to monsters, right…?

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