Friday, April 20, 2012

Giant Skunk & Skunk

Skunks—giant or otherwise—are less literally prickly than porcupines, but just as problematic.

The spray from a surfeit of skunks appears relatively harmless.  But it makes a party of fugitives remarkable easy to track—especially for the fork-tongued lizardfolk ranger who engineered the encounter in the first place.

A hermit in the badlands is rumored to be a prospector or a farmer.  Actually, he’s a wizard/gunslinger in hiding.  He lets a giant skunk have free rein in his modest garden, as the territorial beast makes for a loyal and crotchety alarm system.

The halfling cavaliers of Banderwood wear black-and-white striped livery to match their giant skunk mounts.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 247

Hey, so a friend of mine from back in the day put out her solo record last night, just in time for Record Store Day. 

And another friend/former roommate/ex-coworker of mine put her on the second cover of his revamped rag.

Hey, did I mention Record Store Day? It’s tomorrow!

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