Thursday, April 12, 2012

Giant Octopus & Octopus

Anyone who works in an aquarium can tell you: Octopi are camouflaged, cunning, and perceive far more of the world than we used to suspect.  There's no reason fantasy octopi can’t be the same.

A battered, sunken treasure chest with a false bottom contains a map sealed in a bone scroll tube.  But two octopi have taken up residence in the chest, and don't take kindly to being disturbed.  One squirts a cloud of ink around pursuers, while the other tries to drag the chest away.

An undine's octopus companion can survive for several hours out of water.  The undine wears the creature wrapped around one shoulder, and it seems to eye all who come near with uncanny clarity.

A giant octopus in a wizard's lab disrupts a wizard's summoning circle when it escapes its tank.  The wizard perishes in the feedback, while the octopus, now a half-fiend, revels in its new intelligence and power.

Pathfinder Bestiary 219

In other new, Baltimore ADDY® Awards get announced tonight.  I’ll let you know if I take anything home.

Backlog alert: I finally got around to writing up the attic whisperer.

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