Monday, April 30, 2012

Giant & Glacier Toads

Tough enough to live in more environments than giant frogs, giant toads naturally have a higher CR…and glacier toads a much higher CR (with bitter cold damage to boot).

In the desert, water is precious.  Before a tired search party can pause and refresh themselves, they must fight off the giant toads that are unwilling to share their breeding pool.

Overnight, a glacier retreats at an astonishing rate, revealing a heretofore unknown cave complex.  To reach the cave, would-be explorers must tackle an obstacle course of avalanche-prone boulders, loose scree, and glacier toads.  The toads were hibernating in the ice until the melting glacier calved them off in its wake.

A closemouthed bargeman is famous for transporting refrigerated spell components, choice exotic meats, and even flavored ices down from the alps.  His secret—a pair of glacier toads stowed in the hold and radiating cold—is revealed when the amphibians escape and wreak havoc along the docks.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 268

It’s our last week of giant animals!  Which was actually more fun—and way easier to write—than I had anticipated. 

If there’s one thing glacier toads have on their side, it’s surprise.  When in the arctic, one does not expect a) toads, b) big toads, or c) big toads that radiate cold damage.   My halfling cleric (shout-out to Marra Shem!) would be peeved.

Saturday's show featured the usual new tunes (including Larry Gus and, to my surprise, Best Coast) and celebrated 10 years of Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

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  1. Wow glacier toads seem pretty fun, especially the refrigerator ones living on a barge.