Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Giant Vulture & Vulture

In your campaign, vultures and giant vultures might be harmless scavengers doing important ecological work, or symbols of dark powers moving out across the land.

Vultures’ ability to spot carrion is legendary.  When a wizard’s familiar is wounded in combat, vultures arrive to finish it off before the battle is even concluded.

The halflings of the plains lead harder lives than their kin in more bucolic lands.  Consequently, they are somewhat more dour and terse.  Their champions and messengers ride giant vultures, wearing special leather masks stuffed with herbs to ward off disease.

The people of Helm keep a sharp eye for the black-headed giant vultures native to the neighboring Cairnlands.  They know that the vultures ride on thermals of necromantic energy, which can only mean the Wraith Dukes have risen from their barrows again.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 284

Fun fact: In our world, black vultures puke on threats!  True story.

Backlog alert: Frost worm entry is up, which means March is all sewn up!

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