Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Giant Wasp & Wasp Swarm

Bees are about colonies, order, honey production, hierarchies.  Wasps are about the sting, the swarm, the hunt—and sometimes, the powerless wait before one is devoured alive.

A dire badger digs up a nest of burrowing wasps.  Unable to sting through the badger’s thick fur, they direct their impotent rage at the closest creatures nearby—a party of adventurers.

A farmstead appears abandoned until a child is found cowering in the cupboard.  Through her tears, she reveals that giant wasps stung and carried off the rest of her family.  Rescuers must act in minutes if they are to save the farmers—the giant wasp queen’s latest brood is just about to hatch, and they will be hungry.

Vespin Bladebite is a gnomish spirit of malice, the Last Bitter Joke.  Places that hold meaning for him are often infested with giant wasps, the mascots of this semi-divine being.

Pathfinder Bestiary 275

Golarion fans also know to see Calistria’s hand behind giant wasp stings.

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