Friday, May 18, 2012

Goblin Snake

Goblin snakes…could make a bit more sense.  (Okay, so they’re aberrations, but also goblinoids?  Check.  And as far as their origins…well, let’s just say we know more about where baby owlbears come from, unless you’re going with the discount naga angle…)  But they make fun low-level antagonists for just that reason: a talking snake with goblin blood and halitosis has the surprise factor built in.

Through guile and intimidation Hiss, a female goblin snake, and Roarc, an intelligent +1 handaxe, have taken control of a goblin tribe.  The two argue incessantly, especially during combat.

Years of living just downstream from the wizard’s college have granted a goblin snake crude sorcerous powers.  Billing himself as a naga called Death Adder, he lords over the local water moccasins and a few famished river kobolds.  Despite the sad state of his retinue, he should not be underestimated—“Death Adder” resents any creature larger than he is, and the combination of the kobold’s traps, his moccasins’ poison, and the rushing river can be lethal.

The goblin snake Vulp lucked into a malfunctioning ring of flying (the sputtering magical item provides only three rounds of flight) that he wears on his tail.  If cornered in his lair, he hides in an ogre skull and hovers aloft, posing as an undead spirit and using his goblin breath to ward off anyone who comes to close.

Pathfinder Adventure Path 1 88 & Pathfinder Bestiary 3 132

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