Friday, May 11, 2012


You may be thinking—I certainly was—that in an otherwise pitch-perfect collection, the globster was the Bestiary 3’s flumph (…which is saying something, given that the Bestiary 3 already has a flumph).  But you’d be wrong—again, I certainly was.  The globster is a thing.  It has cryptozoologic origins and a Wikipedia page.  Thus it is real, (for a given value of “real”), and therefore it deserves our love and your PCs’ half-digested limbs.  (And let’s face it, while I normally advocate story solutions over dice-roll murder, if you’re going to kill a character, what better way to commemorate the act than by having the corpse vomited up to attack its former buddies?  For a GM, that’s a special day.)

The boreal Severed Fluke goblins both worship and hunt the whales that share their frigid homes.  Clan elders no longer able to fend off their rivals are strapped into kayaks and sent to sea, in the hope that they will be devoured by a whale and reincarnated.  Given the number of goblin teeth found in the area’s globsters, their faith is not misplaced. 

A crime syndicate’s plans to fix the annual Bright Cove Regatta have been spoiled—Bright Cove’s crooked mayor and the lead yacht captain were devoured by a globster as they met in secret on the beach.  The syndicate now needs a new captain and crew for the yacht.  The unlucky souls must throw the race, but not obviously so…so they will be killed if they win, killed if they lose by too much, and killed if they are discovered in ether case.  Worse yet, the globster is still on the loose, and spectators will be lining the beaches for the race…

A curse falls over the harbor on the morning of the Feast of Saint Evenstar.  Every fishing boat that goes out returns not with its catch, but with a globster in the hold.  Local sailors and adventurers must defeat the monsters and then discover the source of the curse.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 131

Somewhere in the Hollow World box set Aaron Allston had a throwaway line about “shamanistic, whale-worshipping goblins” as just one example of all the cultures that could be squeezed into that setting.  So consider the above entry a tribute to him.

I know most of you are here for the monsters, but for those of you who also dig the music, tomorrow’s show is going to be special: Baltimore producer, bassist, and now solo artist Nicholas Sjostrom is going to drop by to guest-DJ.

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  1. O MAN, I was waiting for this one! I totally thought it was made up too, until I found it on Wikipedia myself! Crazy!?