Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gray Ooze

Gray oozes are Ooze 101.  The first lesson: Don’t hit them with your sword.

Adventurers expect oozes underground, but they often forget to keep a wary eye out for them in swamps.  When their native bearers refuse to drink from the only pond not encrusted with lime-green algae, a group of city slicker heroes might scoff until the first gray ooze pseudopod burns into their waterskins.

Aquatic societies loathe the difficult-to-spot crystal oozes—tritons in particular.  They train dolphins to search for the oozes with echolocation and then raise the alarm.  Rare outcast tritons sometimes use captured crystal oozes as assassination tools.

The half-elf enchantress Trienne suffered a magical backlash and had her consciousness swapped into an id ooze’s body.  She alternates between trying to beg for help by writing garbled messages in acid and having to answer her new body’s strange hungers.

Pathfinder Bestiary 166

Backlog alert: Bulette, cythnigot, derro, dire rat/rat swarm, dire shark/shark, and draconal entries are up.

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