Thursday, May 3, 2012

Giant Whiptail & Titan Centipedes

We’ve tackled giant centipedes before, but these centipedes are gianter.  In fact, titan centipedes get so big, enterprising PCs might wonder how…and if it means something more…

An undertaker and his goons manage to incapacitate a party of adventurers.  The undertaker, actually a wizard of some skill, does not bother with killing them, but merely dumps them in a corpse cart (along with some hill giant remains) to be disposed of in his charnel pit.  The undertaker is working on a bone golem, and he expects the giant whiptail centipedes in the pit to strip the inconvenient adventurers bare.

A titan centipede disrupts the annual horse fair at Montego, endangering citizens in the coliseum and causing a stampede of people and animals in the streets.  Even after the centipede is killed, Montego has a problem—the centipede’s tunneling has opened a passage to the Realms Below right in the center of their town.

Titan centipede attacks—at least three in the past week alone—alarm local rulers.  (A Colossal being in their domains is enough to cause the army to be mustered, let alone local militias.)  Even worse is the arrival of a strange hooded man, who announces that the titan centipedes are merely the first wave of a coming tsunami.  The Time of Behemoths is nigh.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 53

No, not that Montego.

Posting nice and early…and crossing fingers I don’t get stuck at work…so can spend tonight partying with these guys.

And hey, it’s our last giant monster in the series!  Get ready for new baddies tomorrow!

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