Thursday, April 5, 2012

Giant & Poison Frogs

It’s not easy being green.  But being six feet long or laced with poison helps.

A party of sellswords is recruited to escort a young pixie princess to her bridegroom in a foreign forest.  Despite—or perhaps because of—her youth and undeveloped magical abilities, the pixie has no respect for non-flyers in general, and humans in particular.  She tries to escape or inconvenience the party at every opportunity, which brings her afoul of the speedy, sticky tongues of the region’s giant frogs.

Explorers wish to convince a tribe of awakened chimpanzees to serve as scouts as they hunt down a reclusive band of cultists.  Having had numerous run-ins with jungle troglodytes, the chimps will not treat with anyone who cannot climb up to their arboreal village.  Unfortunately, the tree trunks that lead to the village are the home of poison tree frogs.

Leaf leshys love to play war games.  Brambledown Abbey’s current champion is a pine-cone-armored general who will unleash a cavalry charge of giant poison frogs if he feels the Abbey is threatened.

Pathfinder Bestiary 135

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