Monday, April 16, 2012

Giant Porcupine & Porcupine

The bane of golden retrievers is now the bane of your player characters.

A gnome seeks to test a party’s character by sending a prickle of porcupines into their midst at night while they’re in their bedrolls.

A hunter’s blind is the best place to keep a lookout on the sheriff’s tower.  Unfortunately, a giant porcupine has recently claimed it as a residence.

A local test of arms matches contestants against their opposites.  The scar-faced young Count Roderick, who has no respect for those who don’t take up arms and armor, pairs any monks against a giant porcupine as an insult.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 222

Three weeks of Giant creatures down, three weeks to go.  If you’re tired of loitering in the Gs, might I suggest browsing D, E, or F?

Also, after a week off, here’s a new episode of The New Indie Canon, featuring new Dar Williams, Alex Winston, Kishi Bashi, THEESatisfaction, and old Sly & the Family Stone.

(Music starts about four minutes into the file.  The feed can skip, so for best results open in Firefox or Chrome, Save As an mp3, enjoy in iTunes.  Link good till Friday, 4/20, at midnight.)


  1. I just found this blog... Awesome, just awesome. And as for Giant animals, I cannot get enough. I could see "Catch the Giant Porcupine," as an event in a festival, just to see who is drunk and/or daring enough to try! Fun stuff! I look forward to reading more entries!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Moonfolk! Hope you enjoy going through the archive.

      I have to admit, I'm enjoying the giant animals a lot more than I thought I would. They're also giving me an invaluable breather to go back and catch up on the entries I've missed over the last several months.