Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Giant Frilled & Monitor Lizards

Two more examples of monsters who are more Discovery Channel than Elder Edda, with healthy YouTube clip reels to boot.

The Boy-King Malcolm keeps a monitor lizard for a pet that he delights in startling courtiers with.  The reptile is a relic of his fostering with the lizardfolk, back when he was seventh in line for the throne and only seen as a bargaining chip by his now-insane father.

Paladins from desert orders often raise giant frilled lizards.  The paladins are largely immune to the lizards’ intimidating charges, and Small novitiates can even train them as quite effective mounts.

Giant frilled lizard packs are the top predators beneath the eucalyptus boughs of Western Isle.  Rather than charge directly, these lizards run right by opponents, using their whip-like tails to make trip attacks, and the circling back to attack the fallen.

Pathfinder Bestiary 134

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