Friday, April 6, 2012

Giant Jellyfish & Jellyfish Swarm

It’s hard to convey the beauty of the jellyfish family at the gaming table.  But there’s nothing like a few Fort saves to convince players of the deadliness…

Throughout the course of their lives, a group of friends have received dire portents from the sea—gulls dropping out of the sky; a message in a bottle, clutched in a severed hand; a prophecy spat by a mermaid, who then hexed them.  Now, with the arrival of a jellyfish swarm at high summer, their destiny claims them in earnest.

The strait of Corwin is known for being infested with giant jellyfish.  But since the island prison at its mouth is surrounded by reefs and warded against teleportation and flight magicks, swimming is the only reliable approach.

A sultan believes he is cursed.  Adventurers hired by the grand vizier detect no magic and find only red herrings.  But when crimson jellyfish appear in his private pool—now miraculously full of salt water—is is clear someone is out to get him.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 170

I’m in Boston for the weekend, and still posting.  Go me!

When I went to Australia last year the jellyfish warning signs were so scary I took pictures of them.  (I also took pictures of myself in the full bodysuits we had to wear just to go swimming, and no, I will not be sharing.)

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