Friday, January 27, 2012

Faceless Stalker

Ugothols are the shapechanging bastard children of monsters.  Abandoned by their aboleth masters, they now prey freely in the swamps and coastal cities of men.

A serial killer emulates the methods of a vampire—poorly—in order to throw authorities off the trail.  His blood-draining efforts arouse the curiosity of a pair of real faceless stalkers looking to breed.

An aboleth artifact activates, lighting up a heretofore hidden pattern of glyphs.  The diagram—part writing, part map—calls faceless stalkers to it.  Unfortunately, the artifact lies beneath the papal seat of the Church of the White Aster, and the presence of so many aberrations alarms the lantern archons that guard the catacombs.

Home to a college of transmuters and frequented by druids and the fey, the small city of Lisdoonvarna has a casual attitude toward shapeshifting.  Wards built into the city walls announce the presence of doppelgangers, but a gang of faceless stalkers hunts with impunity.

Pathfinder Adventure Path 2 88–89 & Pathfinder Bestiary 2 122

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