Friday, January 20, 2012

Emperor Cobra & Giant Anaconda

What’s worse than Large snake trained to guard temples?  A Gargantuan one that can take down a dinosaur.

Clerics of the Kishri god of revenge trained emperor cobras to nest in the temple reliquaries, so that would-be thieves would know their god’s retribution all the sooner.  The priests are now huecuvas roaming the temple halls, but the cobras remain very much alive, having had no clerics to check their breeding.

Saving a jungle giant girl from a giant anaconda earns explorers the gratitude of the tribe, but the enmity of the girl, who feels insulted such tiny beings presumed to rescue her.  Furious, she finds an opportunity to set the tribe’s girallons on them.

Jungle orcs speak of One-Eye, a giant anaconda blinded by the thumb spike of an iguanodon, who has taken to capsizing canoes in the search for easier prey.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 252

You don’t need to roll initiative for the emperor cobra.  The first player who says, “Oh, I get it, because it’s bigger than a king cobra” is the one who gets attacked.  If he also said it with a wah-wah sad trombone sound, the snake crits.

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