Friday, March 30, 2012

Giant Dragonfly

Sacred to boggards.  Useful to pixies.  Downright creepy when young.  Spend enough time in the wetlands, you’ll run into giant dragonflies.

Not all pixies are good-hearted, and even the ones that are have a martial side.  Giant dragonflies are often the steed of choice, with their fast speed and darting charge complementing the pixies’ arrows and entangle spells well.

Being captured is never fun.  Being thrown into a dungeon is worse.  Add to that the recent monsoons, the amount of standing water pooled on fully half the prison floor, and the extending jaws of the giant dragonfly nymphs within those pools, and an adventuring party could have some real trouble.

An amethyst-colored giant dragonfly has a gnome loremaster, a boggard tribe, and an enchanter who dabbles in alchemy tearing apart the swamp in order to collect, devour, or crush it into pigments, respectively.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 105

I’m not going to link to them, but YouTube has dragonfly nymph videos for those curious about the jaw thing.

I get some of my prejudices re: Fey characteristics from “basic” (i.e., non-Advanced D&D); pixies for instance, were quite martial, and that’s stayed with me.  Also, in “basic” D&D, dragonflies came with breath weapons.  Punny, yes, but still pretty boss.

Also (this is more for my Tumblr readers, but bear with me): I’m a Tumblr n00b.  So forgive me if I’m slow to respond, link, follow, or otherwise keep up the etiquette.  For instance, I just figured out I could get and send messages.  Thanks, descourageux!  And check out mumblewood’s bestiary, which is a bit more colorful than mine.

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