Tuesday, March 13, 2012


My knowledge of Hindu mythology is shaky—I mean, I know we’re all trapped in the veil of maya, but beyond that I’m pretty weak—so the folkloric origins of the garuda are best left to the experts.  Kudos to Matt Goodall for bringing yet another non-European creature in the fold, though.  Garudas are similar in character to azatas, but as native outsiders are more closely tied to the mortal world.  They’re also useful allies against nagas and other ophidian menaces, but their fervor can curdle into violence.

A roaming garuda searches for a territory of his own to protect.  His loathing of nagas leads him to rash actions, though, as he begin a series of strikes against a nagaji (Dragon Empires Gazetteer 10) village.  He must be stopped by force or persuasion before he takes innocent lives.

Loggers plan to dam a river; a community downstream is determined to destroy it. When a garuda sides with the villagers, the loggers bring in a summoner. The situation must be defused.

It’s no secret that garudas hate nagas.  The similarity in some of their spell-like abilities—especially spirit nagas—may point to one of the original insults.  There is a nest where a spirit naga stole the secret of displacement from the ancient garudas, and an aerie of garudas guard other secretes there still.

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Golarion fans should be sure to check out the Paizo blog for the garuda’s in-setting mythology.

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