Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fungus Leshy

New in the Bestiary 3, leshys are animate plant servitors of druids, treants, and spirits of nature.  Fungus leshys look more like monsters than other leshys thanks to their moldy compositions, which may cause some PCs to judge them prematurely.  At the same time, however, fungi flourish in dark, private places.  So fungus leshys may be similarly reticent and suspicious—and they have the spores to protect what’s theirs.

An underground fungus leshy cluster loathes the goblinoids that trample through their groves.  They have begun growing ascomoids to deal with any and all two-legged intruders.

A fungus leshy is the mascot of an atomie band, born of the fairy ring of mushrooms that encircles their oak.  Mushmuddle does not share their warlike natures, but it is content to guard their home while they are off adventuring, defending their tree to the death with its puffballs if need be.

Meaning to craft a leaf leshy companion, an absent-minded treant mixes up his formulae and creates a fungus leshy instead. The proud treant is appalled by the disturbing-looking creature and relegates it to the most menial tasks.  The leshy, desperate for attention, is going to greater and greater lengths to earn the tree-man’s attention—including herculean efforts to capture any “despoilers of nature” it finds.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 177

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