Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Giant Chameleon & Giant Gecko

Unlike the more mythical Pathfinder monsters, these lizards are easily found in your local pet store.

Giant geckos may be less powerful than slurks, but the Broken Spur kobold tribe finds them easier to train and ride.  Vain even by kobold standards, the Broken Spurs deck their geckos in headdresses and paint so that they resemble chromatic dragons.

When an adventuring party’s animal companions and familiars vanish with barely a yelp, the party finds them already half-swallowed by the maws of 11-foot giant chameleons that only a moment before appeared to be mottled rocks.

Giant geckos are valued by goblins for their ability to hang from ceilings.  Humans are bad at looking above them, and gravity reduces the goblins’ usual propensity to set themselves on fire.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 186

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