Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gar & Giant Gar

Sometimes you go fishing.  Sometimes the fish goes for you. 

The halflings of Barrelshire spend a lot of time on a gar-infested river.  Most carry a knife on a thong around one arm at all times in case of attack.  In previous years this precaution has worked, but this season the sheriff reports that gar strikes are on the rise, and no amount of knives, nets, or vigilance seems to be able to stop them.

A pair of merrow brothers has laid claim to the Greenwash, and they have killed enough men and livestock to halt most traffic on or near the river.  Their usual tactic is to capsize a boat and let their giant gar pets eat whatever swims away. Meanwhile, the merrows tackle anyone in metal armor, counting on them drowning before they can fight back.

A local mayor has announced a fishing tournament.  The prize for the largest gar caught is big enough to draw sportsmen from several leagues away.  However, the mayor plans to keep any outsiders’ entry fees—the gars in question are aggressive alligator gars, and he has already contracted with a riverboat captain to spirit him away if there’s even a remote chance he will have to pay up.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 128

We’ve made it to the letter G!  G is, hands down, the best letter in the RPG alphabet.  D seems like the natural choice—dragons, demons, devils, dwarves, etc.—but G has gargoyles, ghosts, ghouls, girallons, gnolls, goblins, griffons…even gelatinous cubes and gibbering mouthers.  And thanks to all the giant creatures (sigh…I said alphabetical order and I meant it), we’re going to be here a while: 16 full weeks at least…

Also, I’m up on Tumblr now.  I’m pleased with this site, but Blogger makes going back to do any kind of editing a pain, and Tumblr is where more folks seem to be hanging out.  Plus it would be nice if it were easier to read and share posts from other Pathfinder fans.  So I’m going to give The Daily Bestiary on Tumblr a try and see how it goes.  That means I’ll be double-posting for a while, and we’ll see if I stick with one site, the other, or both.

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