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With martial skill and positively fearsome gaze and light ray abilities, ghaeles are the knights of the azatas.  As such, they’re dedicated soldiers against evil, and the most likely among azatas to play well with others of good heart—especially with lawful archons, who are far too stuffy for the likes of the raucous bralanis or whimsical lyrakien.  But a ghaele is still more Sir Lancelot than Sir Galahad, and still more elvish or fey than human—and their passion can lead to conflict.

A ghaele comes to the rescue of a party of elves who have been taken by drow slavers.  But the elves were counting on the slavers taking them—the drow come from a city shielded from divination magic that the elves are desperate to locate—and need to stop the ghaele despite her good intentions.

An inevitable guides a party of adventurers to a hidden artifact.  Or at least it does until it is sliced in half by a ghaele.  The azata is suspicious of the lawful players being the curtain who have been pulling the party’s strings…and he had a score to settle with that particular inevitable personality model anyway.

Though chaotic, a ghaele tends to honor his word.  In his role as liaison between Elysium and Faerie, a ghaele is sworn into the service of the faerie Queen of Winter.  He will not help the icy-hearted queen with her schemes, but must defend her from mortal champions who come to challenge her, unless they can find a way to release him from his oath.

Pathfinder Bestiary 25

I try to keep these entries non-Golarion specific, but I think Elysium (unlike Abaddon) is a widely-used-enough plane that I can let this particular mention slide.

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