Friday, March 9, 2012

Garden Ooze

GMs keep some weird things in their gardens.

A gourd leshy tends a garden long after the witch who created him has passed away.  Originally it kept a rat-catcher ooze to keep out pests, but with the lack of supervision it has grown bored and allowed the ooze to multiply many times over.  It has also not bothered to train the new oozes not to seek out larger prey than rats.

In one of their first mercenary gigs, a party of adventurers evicted some wererats from their lair.  Now, one of those wererats approaches them with an unusual offer: he wants to hire the group himself.  He’s broken off from his pack, but the new home he has chosen is infested with compost oozes.  Who better to exterminate them than the party that cost him his last domicile?

Out of the nest but still too small to have minions of her own, a very young black dragon cultivates garden oozes.  The stink is intolerable, but since she’s immune to their acid they are the only guardians she dares trust until her next molt.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 122

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