Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Dragonnes are a mix of dragon and lion—a nice aerial predator to throw into the mix, and a worthy mount for the right PC.

The Viscounty of Marlane’s coat of arms features a dragonne rampant.  When a live dragonne is spotted in the highlands, the viscount wants it—caged if it can be managed, stuffed if not.

The land of Elba has never known true dragons; what they call “dragons” are actually highly territorial dragonnes.  They are still formidable opponents, and each lord’s court and bishop’s diocese tends to have a skilled fighter, cavalier, or paladin trained as a “dragon slayer.”  When an actual dragon crosses the sea to take up residence in Elba, the dragon slayers must cope with a monstrous true drake and the still-ravenous dragonnes.

Most druids work behind the scenes; many are outright hermits.  But the druids of Brion take a very active role in the leadership of the region.  Arriving with the sound of wingbeats from their dragonne steeds, the druids dole out parcels of land, declare other tracts untouchable, and decide most matters involving nature, capital crimes, or the guardianship of Brion’s borders.  They are largely benevolent rulers, but loath to justify or even discuss their decisions, and they can be unforgiving of outsiders.  Those few upstarts who stand up to one of them typically quail after one blasting roar from the druid’s dragonne.

Pathfinder Bonus Bestiary 10

I always liked the dragonne, ever since running across it in the classic AC 9 Creature Catalogue.  I loathed the 3rd Edition art for it, though.  The Bonus Bestiary’s take is strikingly blocky and powerful looking.

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