Friday, December 23, 2011


Woe unto the PCs who attack a draconal.  Saintly creatures of pure goodness, they nonetheless have the power to repel most mortal assaults.  Draconals will most likely serve as reclusive planar heralds and sages in your campaign, being such remote figures that even treating with one may be the culmination of a great quest.  That a draconal’s colors reveal something of her temperament and bailiwick is also worth mining for role-playing and adventure opportunities.

Triumph of Spirit is a rarity twice over—a female red draconal who remains active in the mortal world.  She guards the Maw of Tullamore, where the fey Tain sometimes manifest.

A herald of cultural invigoration, the white draconal Shivah Moonmaiden appears to the city-state of Anchorage to reveal two truths and a warning foretold by prophecy.  While her foresight spans the ages, her insight into the here and now is limited.  Only two years removed from a humiliating occupation by half-white dragon oligarchs, the Anchorage Blades and the militia immediately attack the kind-hearted agathion.

The yellow draconal known as the Silent Watcher holds the key to unlocking an ancient artifact.  Many have entreated him to surrender the key, but as a creature of earth and stone, he comes to decisions more slowly than even the oldest treant—supplicants have literally died waiting.  Should mortal adventurers wish his aid, they had better bring a compelling case before him.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 18–19

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