Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dire Lion & Lion

Dire lions have a nasty habit of turning up in areas one wouldn’t expect them—like caves and northern climes.  And if players don’t think regular lions are a threat, they will once you force them to make hard decisions about wearing metal armor in the heat of the savannah. 

A common spectacle in Imperial gladiatorial arenas pits lions against a goblin and a human.  The human gets a cestus.  The goblin gets a short sword.  The lions, typically, get fed.

A wyvern that has been terrorizing badlands thorps is killed.  Unfortunately, its presence was all that kept the cave lion populations down, and a pride soon moves in, taking more livestock and lives than the wyvern did.

The head of the local thieves’ guild has a thing for exotic cats.  But his lions escape, running rampant through the streets of Hemley on Market Day.

Pathfinder Bestiary 193

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