Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dire & Grizzly Bears

Players who scoff at any bear that doesn’t have an owl’s face will be stunned that a grizzly bear has the same CR and does more (slightly, but still—!) damage.  And even once PCs are dispatching owlbears with ease, a CR 7 dire bear with +19 to grapple should still give them pause.

For a barbarian of the Bear Lodge to be reckoned a true bear totem warrior (Advanced Player’s Guide 79), he must first find, then emulate, and eventually be able to single-handedly kill the grizzly bear he holds in such reverence.

Dancing bears are common entertainment in human cities.  They’re also common in hill giant steadings…but the bears are cave bears, and they aren’t chained or muzzled.  After all, their troll handlers can shrug off—quite literally—any unfortunate bites.

In particularly cold winters, the polar bears (grizzly bears with the advanced simple template) of Rime Ridge  are said to migrate beyond the borders of this world, following the aurora borealis to another land.  It is possible to follow them there, but en route they are even more likely to react to intruders violently.  The agathions who guard the ice-lined passes respect the beasts too much to interfere.

Pathfinder Bestiary 31

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