Monday, December 26, 2011

Dragon Horse

I like pegasi.  But there is something a bit MyLittle Pony about them…and even advanced pegasi are fragile as flying mounts go.  If you want to ditch the wings but still prove that friendship is magic, dragon horses are your best bet.

Dragon horses rescue adventurers trapped on the Ethereal Plane, spiriting them away from a xill hunting party.  There is a price for the rescue, however: the dragon horses need a rescue of their own.

The samurai of the Dragon Horse clan are regarded as cowards by many other bushi for refusing to engage in battle outside their ancestral lands.  When the cause is just though, they come riding on dragon horses, raining arrows, katana slashes, and blasts of wind down on the wicked.

A brave is visited from a horse made of clouds.  Three days later, the men in metal shirts on white ships come.  Now the brave must save her people, riding her dragon horse across the Planes to rally aid against the conquistadors.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 104

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