Monday, December 12, 2011

Dire Shark & Shark

As a bard once sang: “It’s murder out there / Murder out there / Sharks patrol these waters”…

Blue sharks often follow ships, disposing of the food scraps tossed over the side.  When the first mate finds a gnome stowaway in the hold while the captain is away in the jollyboat, he threatens to widen the definition of “scraps.”

The hammerheads of Astrology Bay guard a wealth of sunken treasure, as well as a nereid who delights in the chrysanthemum-like burst of crimson blood in blue water.

Sailors say the Jinkin’s Bounty has been cursed since the moment of its ill-favored christening.  And disaster after disaster has plagued the merchant vessel.  After a massive refit, the Jinkin’s Bounty is put to sea once more, only to be followed by a blood-red dire shark just an hour out of port.  At this point, even the famously unshakable captain thinks his reluctant crew may be on to something.

Pathfinder Bestiary 247

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