Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dire Tiger & Tiger

One on one, even a lion is no match for a tiger.  And let’s just call dire tigers what they are, shall we?  Saber.  Toothed.

The governor of Sirwat Province dictates that all non-white tigers in his domain be killed.  The governor is actually a white-furred rakshasa; orange stripes offend his vanity.

A tiger has never been seen alive west of the Util Mountains.  Presenting a specimen to their queen could earn adventurers her ear.  But the overland route is barred by yetis and storm-calling, blue-headed ettins.  The journey by sea involves sneaking past a naval blockade.

Monks who emulate the smilodon specialize in camouflage, leaping from concealment, and a fighting style emphasizing double dagger thrusts.  They study the beasts in the wild, fashioning their begging bowls from the skulls of animals freshly killed by dire tigers.

Pathfinder Bestiary 265

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