Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dolphin & Orca

Dolphins are said to rescue drowning sailors. Orcas…are not.  But both are often seen in the company of druids and rangers.

The Navigators’ Guild of the Goldwater Sea is known for its dolphin standard, and each navigator wears a gold, silver or bronze dolphin on a chain about his or her neck.  This dolphin medallion is actually an ocarina, a few notes of which can summon any dolphin in the area.  The Goldwater navigators rely on the dolphins’ low-light vision and blindsight to guide them through difficult waters.

Treen is ranger famous up and down the pine-shrouded Cloud Coast for his skill with a spear and his orca companion.  Their specialty is hunting the bunyips that haunt the local sounds, as well warding off the occasional merrow incursion.  Of late Treen has not been seen, having offended a brine dragon with his zealous guardianship.

Dolphins are constant companions of the good-hearted tritons, and often seen in the company of the insular merfolk as well.  Sailors encountering merfolk look for the presence of dolphins as a test of merfolk character.  “A merman with a dolphin,” they say, “is a difficult neighbor.  A merman without a dolphin is a trident pointed at your heart.”

Pathfinder Bestiary 88

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