Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bone Devil

Hell’s inquisitors, scorpion-tailed osyluths know two things: torture, and the information they glean from it.

A particularly impudent and imprudent imp begs to be saved from the attentions of a bone devil.  Any interaction with the tiny creature is lose-lose, however.  The imp is perhaps the most annoying devil alive, and cannot resist attempting to trick, torment, and corrupt its would-be saviors.  Meanwhile, merely conversing with the imp is enough to attract the ire of the osyluth, who has already ripped through a magician’s college looking for it.

A city judge condemns nearly every plaintiff who comes before him, producing evidence that shocks even the prosecuting barristers.  Investigation reveals the judge has subcontracted the court’s evidence-gathering to an inquisition of bone devils.

An artifact can determine truth from falsehood.  Currently dormant, it requires the sting of a bone devil’s tail to operate.

Pathfinder Bestiary 74

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  1. The second seed seems quite easy to solve: grab the imp and throw the little bastard to the bone devil the first chance you get.