Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Carrion Golem

Flesh golems are art—mad, twisted, deranged art dressed as wizardry or science, but art nonetheless.  A certain craftsmanship is required.  Carrion golems are the slapdash creations of those reprobates who cannot even be bothered to pay the resurrectionist for quality corpses—or the constructs of evil nations who have found the golems useful for germ warfare at a comparatively low price.  Either way, the sight of a carrion golem is a sign of moral bankruptcy.

The Grand Duchy of Vash is said to be unconquerable.  The nation’s liberal use of battlefield dead, including its own citizens, for creating carrion golem shock troops is a major factor.

Blight druids worship nature’s processes of decay and death.  While aiding in the creation of artificial life is abhorrent to most, some find a certain poetry in sending civilization’s diseased waste back to the source, in the form of carrion golems that rampaging through the stews.

Baltifor Ames tried to pass off a carrion golem as a flesh golem to his peers in the Academy.  Found out and expelled, he nurses a grudge against the institution, sending his carrion golem to kill or infect students in the dark of night—especially on holidays, when they are most vulnerable.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 136

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