Monday, September 19, 2011

Camel & Ram

Most herd animals live in temperate or tropical climes.  Those that live in the extremes—dromedary camels in the deserts, rams at high altitudes, and Bactrian camels in both—are hardier beasts.

Betting on camel racing with minted coins is forbidden in Ilpesh, due to the local clerics’ interpretation of their scriptures.  Instead, bettors buy ceramic pieces, make their wagers, and then cash in their winnings.  This workaround threatens to collapse when the gold held in reserve is stolen.

A quixotic evangelist calls for an extermination of all horned rams in his canton, as their skulls are favored for demonic rituals.  Those few townspeople who follow him up the mountain risk being Bull Rushed off the slopes by the aggressive rams or being picked off by the wyverns who are growing tired of mutton.

A merchant has a proposal: take his camels to market without a loss of more than twenty percent of his herd.  He neglects to mention that the route takes one through not one, but two blue dragons’ territories—a young drake who wants to feast and an older, investment-minded wyrm eager to start a merchant train of her own.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 154

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