Tuesday, September 6, 2011


At CR 17 and with the powers of a volcano, brijidines are practically forces of nature.  The volcanic goddess to whom natives sacrifice gifts of fruit and jewelry might be a brijidine, and it was likely a brijidine that taught the first elves to smith (and compose ribald poems).  They will most likely be on good PCs’ sides, though they have fiery tempers and may be more concerned with fighting devils than with whatever the PCs’ priorities might be.

A brijidine loved a mortal viking lad and swore to protect him.  When she discovered his corpse slain by unknown means, she covered his body in molten stone and surrounded his bier with a ring of fire.  Now she hunts those rumored to have killed him.

Brijidines often frequent the Plane of Fire (one of the few good creatures to do so) or the Plane of Earth, reveling in their command of flame, rock, and magma.  One brijidine haunts the far reaches of the Plane of Air seeking lightning and powerful acid weapons with which to fight devilkind.

Worshipers of fire as purity, brijidines love phoenixes.  One brijidine guards a nest of something more rare than adamantine: an obsidian nest of phoenix eggs.  Until the bird inside hatches, each egg is an item of artifact-level power, and there is no shortage of curious scholars and evil magic-users who want the eggs for their own ends.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 37

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