Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bronze Dragon

Bronze dragons seem to be the forgotten metallic species.  The others have well-defined characters—gold dragons are kings and counselors, silvers are crusaders, coppers are pranksters and dilettantes, and brasses are incorrigible gossips—and tend to show up relatively commonly in published adventures.  Bronzes tend to appear only as companions to powerful wizards or paladins.  But maybe that’s how bronzes like it.  They are guardians, wardens, librarians, and lighthouse keepers.  They gladly fight for a good cause—especially if the pay is right—but don’t go seeking out such causes like silvers do, and their seaside lairs already get more visitors than they need.  They’re happy to tend their scrolls, hunt pirates, and keep evil from their beloved shores.

Quentark is a young bronze dragon trying to regain his home from a coven of sea hags and their merrow thralls.  He will consent to be a mount or companion in order to gain allies and experience.

The lighthouse at Breaker Point is run by an old man with bronze skin who rarely speaks.  A few local shipwrights claim he is an expert on the movement of pirates.  His knowledge can be purchased with expensive treatises on engineering, preferably wrapped in waterproof oilcloth.

Two naval powers battle over the Strait of Horns—a war that is equal parts territorial squabble and pure political wrangling.  A bronze dragon who lairs in the area will have none of it, sinking any ships she catches fighting in her realm.  Having failed to get the bronze to join a side, the two nations now seek emissaries to persuade her to allow them to fight unopposed—and possibly kill her if she refuses.

Pathfinder Bestiary 104–105

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