Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Carnivorous Blob

Depending on your campaign, carnivorous blobs can be apex of the ooze phylum…or you can advance your campaign timeline to 1958.

When the dwarfhold of Hammer’s Reach shut its doors and fell silent, an oncoming glacier was blamed.  Now, after a record-cold half-century, a party of explorers seeks to reopen the gelid halls.  They face not only furry albino bugbears and chardas by the score, but the true doom of the Reach: a carnivorous blob that was frozen by the dwarf priests begins to stir as temperatures rise.

The metal canister is almost certainly an ancient, very sophisticated lighthouse, or so the sages say, for the top has glowed by night generations.  But why a lighthouse was needed in the badlands is a quandary.  And on the night the glow fades to nothing, a strange burbling, glooping sound begins within the tower-sized metal tube.

Some truly deranged cultists see in oozes power to wield or hunger to emulate, feeding carefully contained pet slimes elaborate meals and even sacrifices.  The fiendish lords who govern such creatures even sometimes answer—rarely with boons, but more often by morphing the cultist’s oozes into colossal carnivorous blobs that devour their would-be worshippers…and any surrounding city blocks.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 51

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