Friday, September 2, 2011


Bralani azatas are the most rough-and-tumble of an already rough-and-tumble lot. Though good, they’re not afraid to go looking for a fight—or even just a sporting match or a good hurricane—so there are plenty of reasons why PCs might encounter one, whether on the Material Plane, the goodly planes, or even the Plane of Air.

A formerly hapless crew of bandits who claim to rob from the rich to give to the poor suddenly improve markedly in effectiveness, particularly during heavy windstorms.  They turn out to be receiving instruction and advice from a bralani.  For the azata to have involved herself so indicates larger forces are at work.

Even the most free-spirited azatas have their limits.  When a newly substantiated bralani manifests wielding eldritch firearms rather than a composite longbow, all Elysium is in an uproar, and his archer kin eye him with open suspicion.

A bralani archer is…well, not exactly in exile…but he has been removed from his kin for a long time.  After missing him at one too many azata tent festivals, his lord sends mortal planewalkers to seek for him.  It turns out he is in the palace of a djinni and has no intention of returning.  Disturbingly, a pair of succubi and a vrock also frequent the cosmopolitan vizier’s chaotic-friendly accommodations.

Pathfinder Bestiary 24

I try not to use Pathfinder-specific locations here, but I think Elysium is a general-enough term I can get away with it.

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