Wednesday, August 31, 2011


You can tell that somebody at Paizo loves boggards.  After all, they appeared in the very first Adventure Path, “Rise of the Runelords.”  Maybe it’s their old-school-bullywug-made-new-ness, maybe it’s their murderous rituals and society, or maybe it’s just nice to write a swamp adventure that doesn’t involve lizardfolk, gators, or a black dragon.

The boggards near Pine Wallow were always a threat to lone travelers, but in recent weeks they’ve taken to attack outlying settlements and even the village proper.  Purple paint markings the boggards have left on trees seem to be religious in nature—perhaps indicating a shift in their devotions to a more martial, aggressive power.

A boggard king believes his clansmen are the world’s best singers.  He begins capturing bards to be an appreciative audience—for a chorus or two, at least, until he gets hungry.

Boggards are amphibious and need water to spawn.  In the rainforests, boggard villages sometimes climb high into the trees, using elaborate catch basins, gutters, and cisterns to gather enough water for the clan’s many needs.

Pathfinder Adventure Path 2 84–85 & Bestiary 37

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