Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Black & Cave Scorpions

Giant scorpions too giant for you?  Or not giant enough?  Try the cave and black scorpions on for size.

A conjurer’s summoning goes horribly wrong, and instead of the giant scorpions he meant to call, a Colossal black scorpion muscles its articulated body through the spiritual gate.  Now the man they were just fighting moments before begs his attackers for their help—if they cannot join forces to contain the beast, it will destroy the city.

A dwarven rogue enters the clanhold with the stingers of a dozen cave scorpions, seeking a hefty bounty.  But the rogue is a scam artist—he did not kill the scorpions, but merely sliced off their tails when they were just rousing from hibernation.  At least half the scorpions still live, and though maimed have followed the scent of dwarf back to the clan.

The emir of Ettamark has constructed a metallic juggernaut in the shape of a scorpion, and has commissioned a party of dervishes and fortune seekers to drive it.  Unfortunately, the juggernaut resembles nature perhaps too well—during a test run, a black scorpion erupts from out of the earth and attempts to mate with it.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 240

That illustration in the Bestiary 2?  Of a black scorpion knocking camels dozens of feet into the air?  Awesome.

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  1. Fun fact: black scorpions are actually named after an old B-movie monster of the same name. The same goes for the deadly mantis and giant tarantula.