Monday, August 29, 2011

Boar & Dire Boar

Anyone who’s read any medieval literature (or—spoiler alert?—seen Old Yeller) knows that, in a non-magical world, boars are lethal.  As for magical worlds, well, that’s what dire boars are for.

In the forest kingdom of Tuarth, the druids send the king to slay a boar once every seven years.  Armed only with a spear, if he returns he keeps his throne; otherwise his life is forfeit.  This year the hunt involves a dire boar.  Is it an omen from the spirits of the wood, or is a druid trying to force the issue of succession?

An antelope-like savannah satyr sends a sounder of warthogs through the camp of anyone who despoils his water hole.

The Ogre Kingdoms of Harsk are home to daeodons of monstrous proportions.  The superstitious ogres alternately farm and worship them as avatars of the Hunger Lord, or hunt them as spies for the orcish deity Hamilg the Cannibal.

Pathfinder Bestiary 34

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