Monday, August 8, 2011


In mythology, basilisks and cockatrices were practically identical.  In role-playing games, less so—for one thing, basilisks are a lot bigger.

The Order of the Basilisk is an offshoot of the Order of the Cockatrice.  On the whole these cavaliers have a better reputation than their parent knights, known for being slightly less mercenary and for keeping their armor polished to a mirror shine.  Interestingly, a basilisk is kept in the vault of the Order’s chapterhouse, and worshipped as something akin to a god.

Myths about the enmity between basilisks and weasels are only helpful if you happen to have one on hand.  Cobble Whimmith, a gnomish breeder of weasels, ferrets, martens, and other mustelids could be a valuable ally to would-be hunters, provided they can teach him a new skill as payment.

A sheik’s son has been kidnapped.  Rather than risk him escaping, his abductors trapped him in a box canyon known for desert basilisks.  Rescuers must find a way to tell him apart from the other statues of terrified victims that line that canyon floor, and administer stone to flesh before the basilisks have him for a meal.

Pathfinder Bestiary 29

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