Friday, August 12, 2011


Perhaps the most terrifying thing about the Abyss is that demons aren’t even the most terrifying things in it.  There are creatures in the Abyss that stalk demons they way a tiger—or a carnosaur—might a man.  The bebilith is one such creature.  Not that mortals are any safer: a bebilith can peel the armor from a soldier’s body mid-battle and follow him across the planes to finish its meal.

A famous ranger has stalked demons from almost the beginning of his career.  Now he seeks allies to join him in tracking even more dangerous game—the demon-hunting bebiliths.

In a plane-hopping race against time, a party of adventurers takes a risky shortcut through the Abyss.  The demons that might otherwise menace the party seem to avoid the layer, as it is frequented by bebiliths.  But the guide himself is a tiefling sorcerer, and his Abyssal-tainted blood is potent enough to draw the spider-like outsiders straight toward him.

A cosmopolitan succubus and her quasit footman need bodyguards to protect them from bebilith assaults.  (A bebilith once tasted the succubus’s ichor on an ill-fated journey, and now a plane-shifting band waits to ambush her whenever she leaves the confines of civilization.)  The adventurers whom they approach would probably be happy to leave the pair to their much-deserved fates, but the quasit claims to be in possession of a soul of great interest to them.

Pathfinder Bestiary 32

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