Monday, June 27, 2011

Animated Object

Animated objects are interesting because of the questions they pose: Who is doing the animating.  With what powers?  Why was this particular object animated, and not another?  Why at this location, according to which trigger?  If a PC can answer any of these questions, she earns insight into the mind of her enemy.

A corrupt seneschal’s beautifully carved fortepiano bench attacks intruders, only to retreat once struck, as if trying to protect its hand-wrought surface.  In reality, the bench hides a secret compartment that holds jewels and incriminating documents the seneschal plans to use to guarantee his freedom if captured.  The seneschal is banking on his assailants to be searching for a chest or vault, not chasing after the animated furniture they sent fleeing two rooms earlier.

The asylum’s animated straightjackets are a threat in and of themselves, thanks to their ability to constrict.  But their ability to hold spellcasters’ arms bound long enough for the asylum’s derro attendants to arrive is the real threat.

The Elephant is a mobile siege tower and ram employed by the armies of Andraas.  Its ability to move on its own allows Andraas to assault enemy strongholds no matter how unfavorable the terrain.

Pathfinder Bestiary 16 & Pathfinder Adventure Path 43 80–81

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