Monday, June 6, 2011


Aasimars can be ordinary men tinged with goodness, outright divine servants, or play against type as villains.

Adventurers who fight undead often reward themselves with a share of the grave goods.  Most grateful townsfolk turn a blind eye, but Sir Tomsin of the Closed Book, an aasimar paladin, does not—and he pursues those he sees as tomb robbers with alacrity.

Bandits have been plaguing the north road from Wiltshire.  Their leader was seen to have survived being struck by lightning during a summer storm, and is said to glow under moonlight.  As yet, no caravan openly accompanied by a monk has been harassed.

Good-hearted does not equal present.  Cyrus Temple (NE male aasimar rogue 3/conjurer 1) grew up without ever knowing his divinely touched father, and over time his resentment has deepened from petulance to rebellion to rage.  His aasimar blood makes the young man’s recent forays into second-story burglary and his flirtation with diablerie all the more tragic.

Pathfinder Bestiary 7


  1. Look! It's a blog! By me! About Pathfinder monsters!

    Let's see if I can keep it going longer than a month before we get too excited.

    And in alphabetical order no less... Starting with a typically good "monster" was a challenge. Truthfully, I wanted to start with G, because that's where all the fun monsters are. A lot of people would say D (demons, devils, dinosaurs, and dragons)...but they'd be wrong. (And anyway I'm going by the Bestiary tables of contents, not page order.)