Friday, June 10, 2011

Adamantine Golem

Adamantine golems are among the rarest and most powerful of golems.  Ideally, their indestructibility and resistance to magic should not be used just to stymie high-level characters (and their players), but as signposts toward storylines that are epic in scope.

The doors to the High Temple in Bez’lel, a city once famous for its clay marvels, have been shut for almost a decade.  No bells have been struck, no oil lit, no incense burned, and no services held.  Tomorrow the doors will open, and the scholar-priests will send their newly completed adamantine golem across the sea toward Rack, to crush the clockwork foundries there.

Just getting the adamantine required for a golem is an adventure.  And on the Plane of Earth, it’s a race against time and petrifaction for three ice devils, a fey lord, and a troupe of dwarven summoners.

Adamantine golems are rare in the mortal realms, less so in the realms of the gods.  The cat-pawed demigod of night burglars discovered this when he tried to steal a granite, seven-armed marilith statue from the vaults of the Lord of Murder.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 134

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  1. The marilith statue was inspired by a great short story, "How Nemra Added a Line to the Book of Thieves," from Dragon #184.