Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Air, Dust & Earth Mephits

Mephits, on average, are irritants, distractions, servants, spies, and comic relief.  They bring approachable personality to the elemental planes, especially when compared to their otherwise alien (elementals) or dangerous (genies and dragons) neighbors.

Sir Breezilfax the Bold is an air mephit knight determined to present his queen with the head of a dragon, despite his small size.

One of the multiverse’s strangest archives is the Libraria Particulum.  A half-buried tower on the shores of a silt sea, the library is known for its particularly insufferable dust mephit staff, whose cataloging of written works (particularly ephemera) is beyond compare…even as their very natures makes easy retrieval and browsing nearly impossible.

An earth elementalist wizard (CG female air elementalist 8) recently made her first pilgrimage to a geode city on the Plane of Earth.  A hopelessly smitten earth mephit has followed her back to the Material Plane.

Pathfinder Bestiary 202

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  1. As mentioned in my last comment, credit to The Great Beyond's Todd Stewart for his portrayal of windmill-tilting air mephits.