Thursday, June 16, 2011


Newly introduced in the Pathfinder Bestiary 2, aeons are inscrutable agents of cosmic balance, in the same way that inevitables are arms of Law.  As such, one might be an adventuring party’s ally, obstacle, or both—but never to be trusted.  As akhanas are involved in life and death, adventurers who make liberal use of raise dead or mass killing spells may be more likely to encounter them.

The baptismal font in the cathedral of Kech has spontaneously begun raising one dead body a day, and the line of pilgrims bearing shrouded loved ones is now choking the town.  As if in answer, an akhana has settled upon the basilica's steeple, but it has not communicated or taken any action—yet.

The most prominent chirurgeon in the planar elven nation of Elbe had his soul siphoned by an akhana just minutes before a celestial symphony in his honor.  A pixie honor guard bearing his limp reduced body are flying desperately to keep pace with the aeon, in hopes it will release his trapped soul…but the physician’s jealous rivals bar their flight.

Day after day, men, dwarves, goblins, and orcs hurl themselves at one another on the Bleak Plains.  What was to have been a decisive battle has become a nightmarish war of attrition, thanks to four stubborn generals and a colony of akhanas seemingly determined to cure everyone in sight.

Bestiary 2 9

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  1. Somewhere old-school Tolkien and Ghostwalk fans are spitting out their lembas and shouting, "But elves have spirits, not souls!"

    I'm one of them, actually.

    And how awesome was Ghostwalk, huh? Much love to Monte Cook and Sean K. Reynolds.