Monday, June 13, 2011

Air Elemental

Air elementals are typically found bound to the service of mortal magicians, but the proud outsiders are occasionally encountered on inscrutable missions of their own.

The windy void between two mountain peaks is held sacred by a pair of air elementals.  Currently they are resisting all efforts to bridge the gap.

A colony of air elemental sculptors, usually whirlwind-shaped and nearly invisible, now sport smokey, gargoyle-like forms, and their ice constructions now resemble razor-toothed eels.

The Breath of the Sphinx is a noted guardian of an Assynian treasure house—a leonine stone statue that scours the flesh off intruders.  In actuality, the statue is a hollow shell with an air elemental bound inside.  Sand and coins suspended in the elemental’s body by the force of its fury do the flaying.

Pathfinder Bestiary 120-121

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  1. Any mention of elementals owes a nod to Todd Stewart's The Great Beyond. Ditto the following mephit entries.